Rooted (GNJUMC Annual Conference 2019)

Easter Giving Letters

Several GNJ clergy have joined together to write stewardship letters to be used during the Lenten season. Below is a collection of letter examples to be used to encourage giving during Lent, including one specifically for the Miracles Everywhere Campaign and a bulletin insert if you are having in-person services.

Each one has its own unique voice. Please choose the ones that work best with your congregation. Each letter should include an ask (including a link to online giving) as well as worship service details, so a separate document is also available to serve as an example of what you can add to your own letter. Ideally, letters should be kept to one page, if possible.

A special thank you to all our contributors: Jill Hubbard–Smith, Elouise Hill-Challenger, Luana Cook Scott, Gabriel Corbett, Deb DeVos, Dave LeDuc, Ninabeth Metcalf, Kaleigh Tomich Corbett, Catherine Jordan-Latham, Kay Dubuisson and John Inverso.

Shared Ministry

The main way we support the ministries of the church is through our apportioned funds, a method of giving that proportionally allocates the church wide budget to conferences and local churches.

Learn more about shared ministry at
Learn more about shared ministry in Greater New Jersey

Special Sundays

The United Methodist Church designates a number of Sundays throughout the year as opportunities for recognizing and supporting particular ministries. These are referred to as Special Sundays and most include an offering used to fund the work of these programs. Read more. 

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