Overview and Goals of Appraisals

At GNJ, we are committed to work with every pastor and every church that is willing and ready to grow and develop. We have three appraisals we use to evaluate ourselves.

1. Greater New Jersey Leadership to evaluate GNJ and its leadership, mission and resourcing. We want to know what you think about the progress we are or are not making. It will give you the opportunity to appraise the services you and your congregation are receiving and provide us feedback on if the resources we are offering are done with excellence and conviction. This appraisal will be done twice a year. A team of our staff will review the results and see if we are meeting or exceeding your expectations. Where we are not, we will set goals to improve our work.

2. Congregations to be used as part of the charge conference conversation every fall. The congregational appraisal must be completed by the church council chair and submitted by the deadline of your church conference paperwork. Click here to learn about the congregational appraisal or click here for more information about church conference paperwork.

3. Pastors serving Congregations to clarify expectations, set development plans and grow clergy leadership. We want this appraisal to provide healthy feedback to our pastors. This appraisal will be done once a year in April. April was intentionally scheduled so that it would be separated from appointment and salary conversations. It is not meant to identify a pastor’s next appointment or salary.