What is Arena?

Arena is the online church reporting system where GNJ churches are able to easily complete their church conference forms. Arena stores the forms you completed last year and allows you to annually update the information in the forms instead of having to complete each form from the beginning.

Where do I log into Arena?

To access Arena, please click here.

Who in my church will receive a login for Arena?

Your leadership role in the church determines the type of login you will use.
  • The church will continue to use the same login as last year. It will be emailed directly to the senior pastor, church council chair, trustees president, lay leader, and the church email address. This will give the church access to complete the following reports: Directory of Officials, Report of the Trustees, Parsonage Evaluation, and Congregational Appraisal.
  • The SPRC chair will continue to use the same login as last year. This login will be emailed directly to the SPRC chair. This will be different from the church login and will be used solely to complete the Church Profile report.
  • Pastors, Lay Servants, and Certified Lay Ministers are to continue using the same login as last year.

When will the SPRC chair and church leadership receive an email with their logins?

An email with your login information will be sent to you the first week of July. Please check your spam and junk folders for this email if you do not see it. If you are still unsure of your login, please email your Regional Administrator.

How do SPRC Chairs access and complete the Church Profile report?

Each SPRC Chair will be emailed their own unique username and password this year. This will be different from the church’s login and will be used solely to complete the Church Profile report. In order to streamline completing this report, SPRC chairs will no longer need a separate link to complete this report as they have in the past.

If your SPRC Chair does not have an email address, please identify another SPRC member to whom the login information should be sent. Please send this contact information to your Regional Administrator.

Which internet browser works best with Arena?

Arena works best with Chrome and also with Safari and Internet Explorer. Please do not use Firefox as it is often not compatible with Arena.

Can I save my work on a church conference form and then come back later to complete and submit it?

Yes, absolutely! The button at the bottom labeled “Save/Submit” functions as a save button. Even after clicking this, you are still able to log back into the form at a later time and add to or update the information contained therein. Please click this button as often as possible while completing the forms to make sure you are not timed out and lose any work.

How do I submit the forms on Arena?

At the bottom of each report, you will see a checkbox marked “Check here to verify that this form has been updated for 2019.” When the form has been reviewed, updated, and you are ready to submit it, check this box and click the “Save/Submit” button. This will let us know that you have completed the form for this year.

How do I print the forms from Arena?

A print button has been added this year. This can be found…

How do I upload documents to the Report of the Trustees?

The Report of the Trustees asks you to upload copies of the documents listed below if you have not recently provided these to the regional office. Under each question requesting a document you will see the word “Change” written in blue. Click “Change” and a dialogue box will appear. Follow the instructions to drag and drop or to browse for the file.

  • Church incorporation documents
  • GNJAC Certified Safe Sanctuary Policy
  • List of income producing and permanent funds (if not listed on the Fund Balance Report)

Does the church have access to the reports of its Certified Lay Servants/Speakers and Certified Lay Ministers?

Yes, each church will have access to all the reports of your church’s CLS/CLM’s. When logged in under the church, you will be able to download and print these reports via the Forms List.