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United Methodists of Greater NJ are in the final year of a three-year campaign to transform lives.

Initially, we set a goal of $5.2 million to nurture young in their discipleship journey, develop 100 Hope Centers to address needs in our communities, support our partnership with Tanzania by launching a Pastor’s School and providing relief and recovery to those affected by hurricanes.  In 2020, we raised our goal to $6.2 million to address emerging needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

GNJ invites individuals, foundations and local churches to participate in this campaign to grow disciples and leaders in GNJ of all ages, assist the marginalized in GNJ communities, rebuild from natural disasters and support new clergy in Tanzania.

How to Fund A Miracle

With a pledge to the Miracles Everywhere Campaign, you will help:

People and communities affected by the pandemic…
$1,000,000 for the COVID-19 Relief Fund

  • Unemployed families who need utility bill assistance and groceries.
  • Grants to local churches and Hope Centers whose missions are providing food pantries and other frontline help.
  • Innovative new ministries emerging to fight the long term effects of the virus.

A young person find Christ…
$3,697,000 for NextGen Ministries to grow the faith of:

  • 2,000 more young people by strengthening youth ministries in 250
  • 1,000 college students in 10 new college campus ministries
  • 5,000 middle and highschoolers at IGNITE
  • 1,000 students in camping ministry

Communities find hope…
$1,250,000 for A Future With Hope to develop 100 Hope Centers to serve our communities with:

  • affordable housing
  • job training and development
  • children, youth and social services

People facing disaster rebuild…
$500,000 for hurricane disaster relief in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and Cuba by:

  • working through UMCOR
  • sending mission teams
  • equipping those on the ground with resources

A pastor in Tanzania start a new congregation to make disciples to transform the world…
$750,000 to grow our partnership with North Katanga Conference to:

  • start new congregations
  • support clergy salaries
  • conduct an annual pastor school
  • collaborate with the General Board of Global Ministries to build a Hope Center with a health clinic, a school and a mission hosting facility.

Downloadable Resources

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