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Inspire. Create. Innovate.

“It’s challenging and fast-paced. I get to use my creativity. Most of all I’m inspired by the things happening within the organization.” Brittney Reilly

The United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey (GNJ) is growing and developing its ministry and is looking for people who are committed to excellence, want to be a part of making a difference through the church, are curious and passionate and seek to work with a dedicated and welcoming team of people.

“We’re on the cutting edge. We are moving forward and unafraid to make necessary changes.” Eric Drew

GNJ oversees the ministry of 560 United Methodist Congregations in the New Jersey region who collectively have rebuilt more than 190 homes that were damaged by Superstorm Sandy, are working with global partners to bring an end to deaths by malaria in Africa, are supporting six community centers and are transforming communities. Its congregations are representative of five different language groups and many different ethnicities and nations. GNJ is committed to welcoming all people.

“It’s a great work life and creates a balance between my Christian beliefs, my accounting background and my family.” Danielle Andrews