About the GNJ Leadership Survey - Spring 2022 Data

The GNJ Leadership Survey is shared with conference clergy and laity twice each year so that GNJ leadership can receive feedback our support, work, and resourcing.

GNJ Leadership Survey – Spring 2022

Questions about Demographics

In Section 1, we noticed that 69% of respondents identified themselves as laity. More lay people are engaging with the survey, and we hope to bring up our engagement and connection with lay people and clergy.

The reason this is higher is because their probably 3 times or more laity than clergy who receive the survey. Could be as high as 7 times more. Maybe just state

The respondents were 69% laity and 31% clergy. We are grateful for everyone’s participation.

Questions about the Congregation

In Section 2, we are learning that many congregations need or are looking for additional support in creating a vision, pastoral care, organizing people to carry out ministry and tasks, increasing giving, understanding the UMC, and technology.

Questions about GNJ Direction

In Section 3, we are learning that GNJ leaders and congregations desire for our work and communication to focus more on our mission, progress, and how all fit into our call to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Questions about Staff Support of Congregations

In Section 4, we considered the number of laity respondents (69%) and that typically staff contact/connect with the congregation through the pastor. This is an interesting challenging for resourcing, although many of our resources are for the pastor together with other leaders in the congregation (Pathways, Journey of Hope, for example), or specifically for leaders through the Leadership Academy. Circuit Leaders have been an important part of GNJ’s strategy, but responses are indicating that local churches do not view Circuit Leaders as conference staff or a resource from GNJ provided to them.

Questions about How We Communicate

In Section 5, we continue to see the need to update the GNJ webpage. Communications staff will commit to next steps for the internal work and outsource the project so that this important area moves forward well.

Questions about GNJ Resourcing

In Section 6, we expect engagement and learnings from resources to increase as our pilot congregations work through Pathways and additional congregations begin work on Pathways and the Journey of Hope. The Leadership Academy is well ahead of its participation goals for 2022 and we expect that to also effect the connections, learnings and support of congregations and their vitality.