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Reset | Designed for the New Year

God’s mercies are new every morning! But sometimes it is easy for us to get stuck in the same old routine. This New Year let’s hit the “reset button,” so we can claim the fresh start God makes available to us. As we rediscover our true identity in the love of God, we will discover new purpose and, guided by the compass of God’s values, head off in an exciting God-given direction! Click here for sermon series.

Drink from the Fountain of Grace | Designed for Lent 2022

Throughout Scripture and today, God sustains God’s people in the most basic of human ways – physically, with food and drink, and spiritually – with food and drink for our souls. This Lent, as we remember what it means to be human, we find refreshment from God’s fountain of grace. The different images of cups shown in Scripture will serve as a touchpoint for exploring aspects of our relationship with God. What does our brokenness say about us? What does discipleship look like? What does it mean to seek justice? This exploration culminates in the most exciting celebration of all – that Jesus is risen for us and we have new life in him! Click here for sermon series.

To Be or Not to Be (the Church) | Designed for Spring

Church is not a place you go, it’s something you are and something you do. Encounters with Jesus change people, not just for a moment, but by transforming us into something new. But we are not new by ourselves! We become new as part of a community, the church, held together and sent out by the Holy Spirit to introduce more people to the transformative Jesus! To be the church is to do God’s mission in the world. Click here for sermon series.

Celebrate | Designed for Summer/After Pentecost

The heart of worship is celebration! We celebrate who God is, what God has done for us in Jesus, and the new Spirit-filled lives we get to live because of it. By taking the time to celebrate God’s gifts to us  — gifts of diversity, unity, promise, and new life – we are attuning ourselves to the good things in life, so that, even in times of struggle and hardship, we can be sustained. Click here for sermon series.

Releasing God’s Blessings | Stewardship series

We often think of blessings as things we receive. While it is true that God, by grace, freely gives us all that we have, we are not just passive recipients of God’s blessings! Just as God blesses us through people in our lives, so does God promise to bless others through us. When we live from a place of gratitude for God’s gifts and trust in God’s provision, we can be agents of God’s blessing in our world. Click here for sermon series.

All Are Called | Designed for Fall

God’s purpose for your life may look different from someone else’s — and sometimes we don’t respond as faithfully to our God-given purpose as God (or even we) might prefer. Yet, God’s call on our lives remains. By looking at the story of David – who may have started out faithfully answering God’s call but also found himself wrestling deeply with his own sin, his misuse of power, and the pain he inflicted upon others – this series reminds us of what our God-given purpose is, and challenges us in how we might truly live into it. Designed for fall. Click here for sermon series.

Laity Sunday (Oct. 16, 2022)

Laity Sunday is observed on the third Sunday in October. Each year The United Methodist Church celebrates the ministry and witness of laypersons everywhere through a special service. Sermon series here.

Impossible | Designed for Advent

Prophets are painters. They paint pictures of a time to come when people will be at peace with one another, hope will be made real, and all will shout for joy! We know it has already begun in Jesus, who is love come down to transform our lives and the world. This Advent season, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we celebrate how he has made possible what once seemed impossible – peace, hope, joy and love! Click here for sermon series.