Series Overview

Throughout Scripture and today, God sustains God’s people in the most basic of human ways – physically, with food and drink, and spiritually – with food and drink for our souls. This Lent, as we remember what it means to be human, we find refreshment from God’s fountain of grace. The different images of cups shown in Scripture will serve as a touchpoint for exploring aspects of our relationship with God. What does our brokenness say about us? What does discipleship look like? What does it mean to seek justice? This exploration culminates in the most exciting celebration of all – that Jesus is risen for us and we have new life in him! Designed for Lent 2022.

Drink from the Fountain of Grace | Sermon Series

Ash Wednesday: The Cup of Fasting | Isaiah 58:1-12
Ash Wednesday is a moment for us to reflect on Jesus’ suffering. We partner in his suffering so that we may better see the experience of those who suffer daily and work with them for lasting justice.

Week 1: The Broken Cup | 2 Corinthians 4:5-11
When things break, God can and will bring purpose and beauty out of the brokenness.

Week 2: The Cup of Living Water | John 4:7-29, 39
God affirms all we’ve been through and invites us into healthy relationship, wholeness, and sharing living water with others.

Week 3: The Cup You Choose | Psalm 16
Every day we have the opportunity to choose to follow Jesus.

Week 4: The Cup of Discipleship | Matthew 20:20-28
Being followers of Jesus involves giving our whole selves to build a community of mutual blessing.

Week 5: The Cup of Compassion | Matthew 25: 34-40
For Jesus, compassion and justice are intertwined and inseparable.

Week 6 Option 1: From Empty to Overflowing (Palm/Passion Sunday) |
John 12:12-19, Psalm 22, Psalm 23
Our cup overflows because Jesus emptied his cup.
Note: This is a creative service that is designed to move from “Palms” to “Passion” through three mini-sermons on John 12:12-19 (Palms), Psalm 22 (Passion), and Psalm 23 (Hope).

Week 6 Option 2: The Overflowing Cup | Psalm 23
We cannot overflow with God’s grace if we are filled with ourselves.   

Holy Thursday: The Cup of the New Covenant | Matthew 26:20-29
The cup of the new covenant transforms and gives life.

Good Friday: Jesus’ Cup for Us | Matthew 26:30-27:66
Jesus drinks the cup of suffering once and for all. As Jesus drinks from this unrepeatable cup, we see our efforts to save ourselves fall short and we stand in awe and gratitude.

Easter Sunday: The Cup that Never Runs Dry | John 20:1-18
Jesus is alive! That means God’s grace will never run dry.

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