Series Overview

Church is not a place you go, it’s something you are and something you do. Encounters with Jesus change people, not just for a moment, but by transforming us into something new. But we are not new by ourselves! We become new as part of a community, the church, held together and sent out by the Holy Spirit to introduce more people to the transformative Jesus! To be the church is to do God’s mission in the world. Designed for Spring.

To Be or Not to Be (the Church) | Sermon Series

Week 1: Be A Witness #ToInfinityAndBeyond | Matthew 28:16-20
The gospel is a message to be shared. We are called (given authority!) to be witnesses beyond the walls of the church.

Week 2: Be a Disciple #notjustachurchgoer | Luke 9:23-25
Discipleship involves commitment, giving of our whole selves and lives, not just Sunday morning.

Week 3: Be Transformational | Romans 12:1-2
Being transformed allows us to be transformational in the world.

Week 4: The Church of the Pentecost | Acts 2:1-21 (focus:17-21)
The gift of the Spirit allows us to be the church.