Series Overview

God may not plan for all of us to be royalty, like King David, but God does call each of us to a purpose in life. By looking at the story of David – who started out a shepherd and ended a successful king, with lots of bumps along the way – this series will help us to learn what our God-given call (or purpose) is, and how to answer and live into it. Designed for Fall.

All Are Called | Sermon Series

Week 1: God’s Purpose for You | 1 Samuel 16:1-13
God has a (different) purpose for everyone, even if it seems unlikely or calls you away from the “norm.”

Week 2: Equipped | 1 Samuel 17:31-40
God gives us the tools we need to fulfill our call. It won’t necessarily look the way we expected or be the way others do it, but God will create our own way for us.

Week 3: Supported | 1 Samuel 20:1-17
Answering a call is rarely easy. But with the support of good friends and a community, we don’t have to face the hardships alone.

Week 4: Affirmed | 2 Samuel 4:1-5; 12
It can be hard to know if we are truly answering God’s call, but the people around us can affirm us and keep us on the right path. Sometimes, we have to trust that God is speaking to us through others, even when we have self-doubts.