Series Overview

Designed for the fall season.

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States; it is hard to escape its influence on our culture. Rather than avoid Halloween, during this season we remember that Christ is the light in the darkness, and God tells us: do not be afraid.

Ghost Stories Sermon Series

Week 1: Things that Go Bump in the Night | John 1:4-5
As Halloween is the second most celebrated holiday of the year, it is hard to escape it’s influence on our culture. Rather than avoid Halloween, consider sharing some ghostly stories from our biblical traditions. Since ancient times people have been telling ghost stories. Most scary stories start in the dark of the night. This sermon illuminates the promise of light in the darkness.

Week 2: Ghost Sightings | Mark 6:45-52
Visits to haunted houses and watching scary movies are a popular pastime in the fall. All of this heightens our fears and lets our imagination run wild. Maybe we allow ourselves to be scared by these “make believe” experiences because there are so many scary things that are happening in our own lives we can’t control. The disciples faced some fright-filled moments themselves, including a haunted night at sea, but maybe it is more than the ghostly figure that is causing fear.

Week 3: Creepy Happenings | Daniel 5:17-30
For some of us, Fall is filled with fun and excitement, for others we are just not into the creepy things happening all around. Event planners and movie producers skillfully plan situations that frighten us. A hand that eerily writes cryptic messages on the wall will do the trick. Even amid trouble, God is still making a way.

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