Series Overview

Designed for late fall/end of year.

With school, sports and other activities, there’s a lot to do. We’re going to reflect about being “Plugged In,” and make sure that we’re filling our lives with community, purpose and service to others.

Plugged In Sermon Series

Week 1: Plugged into Community | Ephesians 2:19-22
The world has never been more connected, and yet feelings of isolation and loneliness are at an all-time high. This week we celebrate Homecoming Sunday: you have a place and are welcome in our community!

Week 2: Plugged into Jesus | Ephesians 3:14-21
Christian community is different than any other group or gathering on earth because Jesus is at the center. We are rooted in God’s power and love. As fall programming ramps up and gets busy, this week we’ll learn how to be plugged into Jesus first.

Week 3: Plugged in for Others | Ephesians 4:11-16
We are here for a purpose. When we plug in, Jesus fills our lives with meaning; but that’s not the end of the story! Jesus sent the disciples to go into all the world – and sends us to do God’s work too.

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