Breakthrough Sermon Series

Breakthrough is a resource designed to provide easy to use best practices and worship series so that GNJ congregations can re-tune their worship, spend less time preparing the details and focus on what really matters – preaching the gospel to make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.

The suggestions in these pages have been cultivated from leaders in GNJ churches. They’ve been tried and tested in different ministry settings and contexts. Take a look and use them to refresh your worship.

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Living in a Strange Land

Bonus Series offered by collaborative works of UMC Clergy in the Northeastern Jurisdiction.

We’re not the first people to find ourselves living in a strange land. Wherever we are living, God is working. As disciples of Jesus, how do we learn to live in this land from those who have been here before us? All are looking forward into the new land and finding the blessings where they are planted.

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Miracles Everywhere Sermon Series

The Gospels tell of Jesus’ miracle ministry using two Greek words dunamis and simaios. In the synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, the Greek word dunamis is used which means power – God’s power to transform life. The Gospel of John primarily uses the word simaios, which means sign – a miracle that points to God’s activity in the world. Where is God still at work? How are we called to be courageous participants?

As we open our eyes and fill our prayers with expectation, we’ll find miracles everywhere.

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Water and Roots

water and roots imageJoin with churches all across Greater New Jersey in rediscovering the power of baptism! Download sermon series resources, graphics, promotional material, small group curriculum, and much more!

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Rejoice Sermon Series

Rejoice always is one of the shortest verses in all of scripture. It is also one of the most challenging. What did these words mean to a church community in transition? What do they mean for us today? In this five week series we will find joy in our past, our present and our future as we celebrate our progress and face our challenges.

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Encountering Hope | Lent Sermon Series

Following just the six Sundays leading up to Easter – There is a progression of meetings and encounters that Jesus has on his way to the cross. Each encounter points toward the hope of redemption and salvation. Each encounter is more public than the previous, leading us from individual experiences to group encounters to a redemptive event for the whole world.

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