Series Overview

This series was envisioned and constructed through a collaboration of clergy and church leaders from the Northeastern Jurisdiction with hopes to deliver a message of inspiration and hope as we navigate living in what feels like a strange land and strange times amidst all that is going on in our world.

Living in a Strange Land | Sermon Series Resources

Living in a Strange Land

Living in the Wilderness

Living Upright

Living in Community

Living in New Places

Living in a Strange Land | Graphics

Living in a Strange Land | Backgrounds

Bonus Series offered by collaborative works of UMC Clergy in the North Eastern Jurisdiction

Contributing Team: 
  • Rev. Jennifer H. Williams
  • Rev. Jim VanZandt
  • Rev. Garry Weaver
  • Rev. Larry Leland
  • Rev. Marian Hartman
  • Rev. Pat Woolever
  • Rev. Karen Atanasoff
  • Rev. Jason Mackey
  • Rev. Ryan Krause
  • Rev. George Reynolds
  • Lan Wilson
  • Josh Crump