For those who are Certified Lay Servants, re-certification is necessary every three years. There are several different ways you can be re-certified. Choose one.

  1. Complete an Advanced Lay Servant Class. Classes are offered every Fall and Spring on each District throughout Greater New Jersey. Topics of Advanced Lay Servant Classes change each year, so there is always something new to learn!
  2. Complete an Advanced Lay Servant Class through and submit your certificate of completion to Leah Zuckerman and your District Director of Lay Servant Ministries. Before you enroll in the class, contact your District Director to ensure the course is an Advanced Lay Servant Class, and therefore counts towards your re-certification as a Certified Lay Servant.
  3. Attend the Three Day Cooperative School of Mission (Mission U) offered each July in Greater New Jersey. On the registration form for the three day event there are detailed steps to take for re-certification as a Certified Lay Servant. Mission U is designed for people seeking in depth spiritual formation, dialogue, reflection and study and is co-sponsored by Greater New Jersey and the GNJ United Methodist Women.

*The 2020 Leadership Academy does not provide certified lay servants re-certification.