The United Methodist Church in Greater New Jersey is comprised of 6 districts of about 60-90 churches each. These districts are also clustered into 2 main regions: Coastal Plains and Metro Highlands.

Districts are communities of people working together in one geographic region as the hands and feet of Jesus. We believe in connection. Connection with each other, with other churches, and the communities around us.

Districts facilitate our collective movement into the greater community by connecting us to one another through support, sharing of resources, and learning together. When we join forces through our ideas, knowledge, experiences, and diversity, we can do more good together than we can do alone.

A District Superintendent facilitates ministry within each district by offering spiritual leadership, pastoral coaching, shared learning opportunities, organizational resources and district communications.  Each of the district superintendents make up the Bishop’s Cabinet which helps identify and appoint ordained ministers to serve our congregations.

Redistricting Plan

Read more about the redistricting plan here.

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