Healing Communities Training is a national model for clergy and congregations to offer restoration and healing for everyone affected by the criminal justice system and become a station of hope.

This training offers: essential information and perspectives on the criminal justice system, current issues, and the impact of crime on victims, survivors, offenders, and families; relevant questions for reflection and discussion within congregations; ideas and resources for pastors and faith leaders to engage congregants; tools, information, and resources for congregation members; and resources and dedicated time to develop a customized congregational action plan suited to the culture, demographics, and core beliefs of each congregation.

Instructor: Linda Van Til, Certified Lay Minister, EPA Conference, Prison Ministry & Restorative Justice Work Team and Healing Communities Trainer

Dates and Time:
Monday, February 5th
Thursday, February 8th
Monday, February 12th
Monday, February 19th

All meetings will be from 7 pm to 9 pm and will be held over Zoom.  The Zoom link will be provided to you once you register.
Training materials will be distributed to you prior to the first training date.
Participants must attend all sessions and complete all homework to earn 10 hours of credit.

For our Christ Servant Ministers and Lay Servants: completion of this training will count as the equivalent of completing an advanced/certified course.

Register for this Event
The registration deadline is January 25, 2024.