As part of the UMC of GNJ Insurance Program the local church must complete an annual payroll audit. To date, about 30% of GNJ’s churches have not returned the completed audit for the 2023-2024 payroll audit. Church Mutual mailed the audit forms to the church on January 18th, a second request on March 14th and a third/final reminder on March 19th.

Your immediate response and completion of the payroll audit is required. Failure to complete the audit will result in inaccurate payroll used for your workers compensation premium allocation and could materially impact your future billings.

All churches must complete the audit. Regardless of whether or not your pastor is part time or full time, or whom they are paid through, the church must report every paid employee (including pastor’s) salary on the Payroll Audit.

You can access the audit instructions and blank form on the Insurance Program website and below:

2023-2024 Blank Workers Compensation Audit Form. Payroll Audit Report of Wages form, instructions, and sample to be completed and returned to Church Mutual Insurance Company.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If you have any questions on the form you can contact Becky Meyer in the Church Mutual Premium Audit Unit at 800.554.2642, option 4, extension 4697. Any questions related to the Insurance Program should be directed to Tiffany Lupo at Sovereign Insurance Group.