2024 Deadlines

2023 Workers’ Compensation Payroll Audit Forms

Look for the customized 2021 Workers’ Compensation Payroll Audit Forms which were mailed to every church on January 3, 2024 by Church Mutual.  The audit covers 2023 payroll for both church and church-controlled nursery school workers. Completed audits are due February 15, 2024.

Completed audits are to be sent directly to Church Mutual, not to GNJ. Insurance certificates showing coverage for the entire audit period for workers covered by their own WC insurance must be included with the audit submission (do not submit the Master Certificate of Insurance for your church for this purpose). The audit must be completed on the mailed form. Audit submission through Church Mutual’s website is not allowed.

All questions regarding the audit should be directed to Becky Meyer in the Church Mutual Premium Audit Unit at 800.554.2642, press Option 4, Extension 4697, or bjmeyer@churchmutual.com, please reference UMC of Greater New Jersey; questions regarding housing should be directed to Alexa Taylor, Insurance and Benefits Manager, 732-359-1038.

Workers Compensation (WC) insurance is required by law by the States of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and is part of Greater New Jersey’s property insurance program. This insurance covers employees (full and/or part-time workers who receive compensation in any form for the job they do for the church), for injuries sustained while performing their duties.

Church employees, and certain other workers (for whom “payroll” is reported) are covered by the church policy. Churches are required to submit certificates of WC insurance for any contractor (such as lawn service) whose payroll is not reported on the audit form. Volunteers are not covered under workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers Compensation Resources

All questions regarding the audit should be directed to: