GNJ and our congregations can thrive even as we recognize that United Methodists have different beliefs, understanding and experiences concerning human sexuality. Congregations have conviction about their ministry, who they are to be in ministry with and who God calls them to be.

We invite congregations to develop covenants about how they will be in ministry with God, one another and with the community as they seek to thrive in serving God.

Many congregations want to move forward with ministry that affirms the full participation of LGBTQ+ persons in the life of the church while other congregations are not ready or do not see this as a part of their ministry. Congregations can develop other covenants that affirm their convictions and beliefs about their ministry with God, with one another and with the community.

GNJ is prepared to resource congregations by providing facilitators to help people in congregations engage with each other to:

  1. Develop a Covenant
  2. Start a Graceful Conversation to identify convictions and beliefs
  3. Participate in Outward Mindset training to see people as people who matter just like I do.


Resources for the Way Forward

The Way Forward Facilitation Request Form