What does having an Outward Mindset mean for GNJ?

Having an outward mindset will be key to what is next for United Methodists in Greater New Jersey. An outward mindset considers people as people who matter as much as you do.

GNJ leadership has been using the tools of Outward Mindset to focus on relationships, build trust and turn our church outward to the community.

  • 2018 Bishop’s Clergy Convocation on The Anatomy of Peace featured keynote Jim Ferrell from the Arbinger Institute and small group work on the Outward Mindset.
  • Director of Mission Ashley Wilson introduced the concepts to the 2019 May Annual Conference.
  • The GNJ Way Forward Team meetings were facilitated by Mike Merchant from the Arbinger Institute who used Outward Mindset Tools to engage conversation, small group work and agreement.

GNJ has trained staff and leaders to facilitate training within the conference. This training is particularly helpful for convgregations who want to focus on mission and being more outward to their community.

The Way Forward Facilitation Request

Arbinger Institute Video on Outward Mindset and GNJ


GNJ News on Outward Mindset