Safe Sanctuaries Four Step Process

There are four steps to complete the Safe Sanctuaries training.

STEP ONE: Take the Sexual Abuse Awareness Training through Ministry Safe.

Instructions for Accessing the Training:


  • In order to take the training, you must log on to your local church’s MinistrySafe account.
    • As the pastor of the church, be sure that you are the account administrator. If you need assistance with this, contact Gabrielle Corbett at
    • The account must have a credit card on file. You will NOT be charged for the training, but Ministry Safe requires a card on file in order to have an active account. If the website asks for a fee, contact Gabrielle Corbett at
    • Once you have accessed the account and it is active, you will be able to take the training.


  • If you are not appointed to a local church, please contact Gabrielle Corbett at for access to the training.

STEP TWO: After completing the training, you will receive a certificate of completion from Ministry Safe.  Upload this certificate to Arena and enter the date you completed the training.  Instructions for uploading to Arena are found here.

  • NOTE: If you are appointed outside of the local church, this is the final step of the training process.  Those appointed to a local church, please continue on with steps three and four:

STEP THREE: Work through the Safe Sanctuaries videos on Teachable to begin to create a Safe Sanctuaries Task Force with your local church. There are three videos, less than 10 minutes in total.

STEP FOUR: Submit your local church’s Safe Sanctuaries policy using website guidelines to the GNJ Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator at  From there you will work through the process to obtain certification for your local church policy.