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God calls us to make our churches safe places, protecting children and other vulnerable persons from abuse. The United Methodists of Greater New Jersey resolved that every church have a Safe Sanctuaries policy and be compliant with its regulations.

Steps to become a Safe Sanctuaries compliant church

  1. Purchase Safe Sanctuaries: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Adults by Joy Melton 2008. (available through Cokesbury)
  2. Create a Safe Sanctuaries Policy for the local church, have the policy certified by the Conference Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator by sending to the conference office and submit certification to annual local church/charge conference meeting.
  3. Have all adults (laity and clergy, paid and volunteer) working with children, youth and vulnerable adults participate in a Safe Sanctuaries training and complete a background check through Trak-1 Technologies.
  4. Implement policy, review and celebrate annually.

Clergy background check

Background checks must be performed every five years in order to be in compliance with Greater New Jersey policy.

Please return to:
Joanne Sullivan
205 Jumping Brook Rd, Neptune, NJ 07753

Please include: $36.50
Note: Applications cannot be processed without payment

Download the clergy background check application here:

Background check for laity

  • Click here to begin applying for a background check through Trak 1 Technologies.  Follow the instructions to obtain the Child Protection background check or the Child Protection Plus (Motor Vehicle Check) background check (for those who will transport children, youth and/or vulnerable adults).
  • Remember your username and password. This information will allow you access to your Trak-1 account at all times.
  • Payment is based on a self pay model by credit card through the Trak 1 website.
  • Child Protection Background Check: $11.52 + $2.99 Transaction fee to Trak-1 Technologies.
  • Child Protection Plus: $18.00 + Any applicable state access fee + $2.99 transaction fee to Trak-1 Technologies.

Online Training

GNJ, in partnership with Trak-1 Technologies and Rev. Joy Melton- creator of Safe Sanctuaries, offers online Safe Sanctuaries trainings. This training is designed for all workers (paid and volunteer) of children, youth and/or vulnerable adults to learn the importance of preventing abuse in the church. This training costs only $10.47 + $2.99 transaction fee to Track-1 Technologies and returns a certificate of training to each participant. The process is the same as requesting background checks…it is that simple!!

  • This training meets the recommended training requirement of all GNJ Safe Sanctuary Polices.
  • To begin your training go to: https://www.smart-trak.com/gnjumc/default.aspx
  • Follow the instructions on the page to create an account. Once logged in, choose the training course option.

We pray this training opportunity will open more possibilities for you and your church as you continue to be a safe sanctuary for all of God’s children.

Steps to writing a local church Safe Sanctuaries policy

  1. Develop a Safe Sanctuaries Task force or team in the local church.
  2. Review Sample Safe Sanctuaries Policy
  3. Create a policy that fits the needs and the ministries at the local church level. This policy should include what is in the sample policy.
  4. Have policy approved by Local church Trustees and/or Administrative Council.
  5. Submit policy to Greater NJ Conference Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator to obtain a policy certificate of compliance.
  6. Submit certificate to annual church/charge conference.

Resources and Downloads

Additional Information

  • For questions about background checks: contact Trak-1 Technologies at 800-600-8999 or download the FAQs below
  • For more information about Safe Sanctuaries visit the General Board of Discipleship website at www.gbod.org
  • To order Safe Sanctuaries materials visit www.Cokesbury.com.

For more information, contact: