Congregation Appraisal

Our mission is to make disciples and grow vital congregations to transform the world. Pastoral leaders and congregational leaders working together provide clear vision, direction, focused attention and action to lead the church in the five markers of vitality:

  1. Inspire disciples through worship
  2. Involve disciples in small group ministry to connect, learn and grow
  3. Engage disciples in community hands on mission
  4. Inspire disciples to give generously, especially to mission
  5. Make new disciples (people who join the church through a profession of faith)

The appraisal refers to congregational vitality and the five markers of vitality. Use the description above as a reference point for congregational vitality and the five markers of vitality.

For the purpose of this appraisal, “congregation” can be best defined as the weekly worshipers. “Leaders” refers to the elected leaders and non-elected leaders who lead ministries like small groups, Sunday school, mission teams, etc.

The following appraisal is to be completed at least once a year by the church council as part of the church conference paperwork. If you are having difficulty logging into Arena, please contact your Regional Administrator/Project Coordinator. If you would like a person to assist you with understanding the questions and completing the document, please contact the Nicola Mulligan at

We’ve made available the appraisals in English, Korean and Spanish as pdfs for you to review with your congregation. Please note that the evaluations must be completed in English as a part of the church conference forms.

Check back soon for Spanish and Korean versions