At GNJ, we are committed to work with every pastor and every church that desires to grow its mission and vitality.

The clergy appraisal is to provide pastors with feedback about their leadership and progress. The clergy appraisal is done outside clergy appointments and salary reviews because it is to be focused on providing the pastor with what she/he is doing well and areas for growth. This appraisal is to be completed without the pastor present and then shared with the pastor once consensus has been achieve. The following congregations are excused from completing the appraisal: pastors who are moving July 1 and congregations who completed this evaluation within the last four months.

Each year at this time every congregation engages in a conversation with their pastors about what is going well, areas for further development, and expectations for the next 12 months. Because of the unique challenges of COVID-19, the cabinet and conference leadership  decided that ongoing feedback is essential for all leaders.

The cabinet and GNJ staff have quarterly reviews and are in the midst of that process at this time as well. The cabinet has decided to offer SPR Committees and pastors the  option during this time of crisis to either complete a brief 3 question evaluation or the appraisal form that is used each year.

The abbreviated appraisal asks three questions to be answered in no more than one page. The appraisal online form is available now and all appraisals are to be completed by July 15. 

Many SPRCs complete the review by emailing it to each member of the SPRC, asking them to complete the 16 questions assessing the pastor’s ability  impact. The steps below will assist the SPRC in the appraisal process.


  1. Share copies of the pdf version of the appraisal for all members of SPRC
  2. Each member of the SPRC completes the appraisal independently.
  3. SPRC gathers by Zoom or phone to review the appraisals and develop a composite appraisal.
  4. Two to three members of the SPRC meet with the pastor via Zoom to share the completed appraisal
  5. SPRC chair inputs the appraisal into the online web form here.

If the pastor is not in agreement with the SPRC’s assessment of his or her leadership, the pastor should email those concerns to Nicola Mulligan at within 24 hours of the meeting.

The appraisal will shape the future vitality and ministry of the congregation and assist your pastor’s development as a leader. Engaging in the survey and conversation prayerfully and honestly allows for the best results for your pastor, the congregation and the mission.

If your church is on a charge with one or more other congregations, the pastor and staff parish chair (s) together are to determine if the congregations should work together to complete one appraisal or if it is more appropriate for individual appraisals.

Associate pastors are to be appraised using this form. This is conducted by the lead pastor in consultation with the SPRC.

On rare occasions an SPRC may seek a pastoral change because of the effectiveness in the current appointment. This may become apparent during the appraisal. When concerns arise during the yearly appraisal, benchmarks and an improvement plan are to be developed by the SPRC and pastor and reviewed monthly. The clergy development plan outlines benchmarks in areas of pastoral leadership growth. A minimum of three reviews without sufficient progress is required before any pastoral change will be considered. More information about the clergy development plan can be found here or contact Nicola Mulligan at

Clergy who would like to respond to their evaluation should share their reflections via email to the SPRC chair with a copy to Nicola Mulligan at