With God’s grace and guidance, the NEJ Native American Ministries Committee will serve as the body that helps to guide Native Americans in the Northeastern Jurisdiction to develop and maintain a relationship through The United Methodist Church.


The goal of the NEJ Native American Ministries Committee is to unite Native Americans residing within the bounds of the Jurisdiction in order to show strength and solidarity in Ministry with God and to make this presence known throughout the jurisdiction and the Church.


  • Educate the Conferences on the purpose of Native American Ministries Sunday (NAMS).
  • Establish and support Committees on Native American Ministry (CoNAMS) in all the Annual Conferences of the NEJ.
  • Encourage each of the Annual Conferences to continue the journey toward healing and wholeness established by the Act of Repentance (AOR).
  • Start and strengthen Native American Ministries.
  • Establish resources to increase awareness and encourage interaction with Native Communities.
  • Maintain a website that shares stories, resources and events that relate to Native communities, ministries, and Peoples.

Resource Downloads: