Mission: Stories that Encourage Hands On Mission (English)

Healthy churches move from mission gestures to mission engagement. Practice sharing stories of transformative hands-on mission engagement to become a more mission-minded church.

Small Groups: Sharing Your Faith Story (English, Korean and Spouses)

Are relationships being built in your church’s small groups? Too often small groups are driven by curriculum or activities. Consider how sharing stories will allow participants to hear how God has worked in our lives so that they can watch and listen for God in their own lives.

Giving: Stories that Encourage Hands On Mission (English)

Communicate the stories of the mission of your church to develop a narrative budget. Practice sharing stories of transformation and change that inspire increased giving.

Worship: Telling a Story in Worship (English and Spanish)

Explore how narrative worship tells a story that begins before the service starts and concludes at the last Amen. The heart of the story is a sermon that connects the rich content of the Word in a narrative that makes the text come alive for each of us.

New Disciples: Sharing the Story of your Church to the Community (English)

Healthy connections between our churches and our surrounding communities don’t just happen on their own. Join us as we practice three storytelling habits that foster positive relationships with the wider community.