Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We are looking forward to the 2017 Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey. There are important details to share about the business we will conduct.
The 2017 Annual Conference will take place from Sunday, May 21 to Tuesday, May 23, 2017.  Please note our gathering will take place before Memorial Day and it has been moved up one week due to the Wildwoods Convention Center schedule.

According to the standing rules of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference, all reports and recommendations to be included in the Pre-Conference Workbook for 2017 must be submitted in writing to the Conference Secretary and signed by the author (Rule 3-19 a, b). Please refer to the page titled Instructions for Submitting Reports and Recommendations (Legislation) on the website here.
It is expected that all committees, boards and agencies will submit an annual report.
Legislative recommendations include nominations to be approved by the Annual Conference session, proposals, resolutions and motions. Recommendations may be proposed by any committee, commission, agency, clergy member, lay member or local church.   
Anyone submitting a recommendation is expected to attend the Annual Conference.
For your convenience, I’ve included the instructions at the bottom of this email. More information can be found at the website here. If you have questions concerning these procedures, please contact me directly at 973-464-9298 or
In peace,
Rev. Dave Wiley
Conference Secretary
The United Methodist Church of Great New Jersey