The following are videos that were screened during Annual Conference 2017 highlighting local churches and their vital ministries and throughout Greater New Jersey. 

Clinton Church Online and Feed Truck Cafe // Rejoice in New Places For New and Different People

New places of worship and ministry for new and difference people are popping up in Greater New Jersey. Clinton United Methodist Church has an effective mobile app and are launching an online campus in September. Princeton UMC, Kingston UMC, Princeton University Wesley Foundation, and the Feed Truck exemplify connectionism by coming together in launching the Feed Truck Cafe.

Greater New Jersey Churches in Sandy Relief and Community Development // Rejoice in A Future With Hope

Since 2012, A Future With Hope, Inc. rebuilt 256 homes, utilized 12,000 volunteers, and made a difference in over 70 communities. Executive Director Bobbie Ridgely share the story of how the local churches of GNJ made all this possible. 

Mosaic Ministries // Rejoice in Developing Young Leaders

Pastors Gift Magomero, Yo Sep Nam, Zach Wooten, Donald Kirshner, and Michael Reed of Downer UMC, First UMC of Mt. Holly, and Pearson Memorial UMC share their experiences of serving local churches through Mosaic and explain the significance of developing young leaders.

Syrian Supper Club // Rejoice in Works of Justice

In 2015, Morrow Memorial United Methodist Church in Maplewood, NJ moved to host a Syrian refugee family. Syrian asylee Abdul Alarghas shares his story and how he saw Jesus in the many works of justice done by this faith community. 

Bethany St. Johns UMC // Rejoice in Vitality of All Sizes

In 2011, Bethany St. John’s United Methodist Church in Pleasantville, NJ had 5 worshippers and was about to close. Rev. Carol Hutchison shares the amazing story of how this small church turned around and became a significant center of hope in the surrounding Atlantic City community and became the “little church that could.”

Sharegood Thrift Shoppe // Rejoice in Fruitful Discipleship

Lynn Palladino, Lay Leader of Simpson United Methodist Church, share the amazing ministry of Sharegood Thrift Shoppe and discuss the significance of lay leadership in the church.

Rejoice As One // Highlights of the 2017 Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Session

The United Methodists of Greater New Jersey gathered at Wildwood Convention Center in Wildwood, NJ on May 21-23, 2017. Under theme “Rejoice,” GNJ celebrated all the work done thus far and challenged the churches to continue to make new disciples, grow vital congregations, and transform the world.