Thank you for your continued prayer

The GNJ Delegation to General Conference wishes to sincerely thank each local church member and clergyperson who reached out to us to share their views as we prepared for these two weeks in Portland. Whether you wrote a letter, responded through the website, came to one of our Listening Sessions, or caught us face-to-face, we want you to know that we read and listened to everything you had to say.

As you may or may not know, the committee phase is where a lot of issues get hashed out. What arrives on the floor of General Conference may differ substantially from the legislation proposed by the GNJAC, for instance. We will do our best to vote our consciences with the confidence you placed in us when you elected us as your delegates.

A task this big is only possible to complete with the help of the Holy Spirit and the support of your prayers. Please remain in prayer for us throughout these momentous 10 days.

In Christ,
Rev. Tom Lank
Chair, Greater New Jersey NJ Delegation to General Conference 2016