Delegates and Committee Assignments

Greater New Jersey has 8 delegates, 4 clergy and 4 laity who were elected at the 2015 Annual Conference and will represent GNJ at the 2016 General Conference.

The following lists the delegates and their committee assignments:

Rev. Tom Lank, Faith and Order
Lynn Caterson, Esq., Judicial Administration
Rev. Eunice Vega-Perez, Global Ministries
Bethany Amey, Church and Society 1
Rev. Jisun Kwak, Ministry and Higher Education/Superintendency
Judy Colorado, Discipleship
Rev. Varlyna Wright, Conferences
Rosa Williams, General Administration

Reserve Delegates will observe and report on two other committees:
Rev. Drew Dyson, Financial Administration
Steve Quigg, Church and Society 2.

Rev. J.D. DiGiamberardino, who will be attending the conference on his own, will assist the delegation by sitting in on sessions and reporting out on the remaining two committees Local Church and Independent Commissions.