About Team Vital

Team Vital is designed to engage spiritual leaders in creating and implementing a plan to grow a congregation’s vitality. It is a process that is designed to help you assess the strengths of your congregation, explore God’s purpose for you as a church and carefully look at your context for ministry. This team will be the catalyst to move your congregation towards its God-given mission.

By the end of the Team Vital process, you will have produced a ministry action plan which will promote vitality and fruitfulness in your congregation and guide your work long into the future.

Vitality II, Increase Your Impact

What Comes Next?

Team Vital prepared your church for best practices for reaching your goals. Vitality II will increase your impact and move you to the next step.

We are accepting a limited number of churches who have completed Team Vital and are ready for what’s next.

Small Church Strong

Resourcing for Small Membership Churches

Small Membership Churches are important to the mission and ministry of GNJ and to their communities. Small Church strong is designed to help you to simplify activities that consume time and resources and empower you to fulfill your God-given mission. This process will promote best practices as well as inspire your congregation to vision towards their God-given mission.

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For more information contact:

  • Gina Yeske