Team Vital: 1 Minute Video Overview
This one minute video gives an overview of the goals of Team Vital.

About Team Vital

Team Vital helps leaders create a strategic ministry plan using the 5 markers of vitality. Each church receives individual monthly consulting and other resourcing opportunities from the conference. Churches regroup periodically to assess their progress and share lessons learned. Churches learn from each other, collaborate, support and hold each other accountable to pursue their ministry plans. It’s all about working together.

“It was important for the congregation to move deeper, higher, and wider in the ministry. I am grateful that this congregation is developing such selfless disciples for the mission of the church.” Rev. Brandon Cho, Team Vital participant

As a part of Team Vital, congregations come along side one another as they:

  • assess their own communities and ministry assets
  • become equipped for effective ministry
  • plan future ministry
  • receive technical support for putting their plans into action
  • and as a result grow in their vitality

Recent Team Vital News

For more information contact:

  • Gina Yeske

  • Diana Picurro