What is the Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP)?

What is a defined benefit/defined contribution plan?

A defined benefit (DB) plan—provides a monthly benefit at retirement based upon years of credited service to the Church. The defined benefit (DB) plan provides retirement income as long as you live.

A defined contribution (DC) plan—provides a retirement account balance established and funded by annual conferences. The defined contribution (DC) plan, provides an account balance you can access as your retirement needs require.

How is my CRSP defined benefit calculated at time of retirement?

The formula is as follows:

1.25% x Denominational Average Compensation (DAC)
x Years of Credited Service from 1/1/2007 through 12/31/2013 ÷ 12
Plus 1% x DAC2 x Years of Credited Service after 12/31/2013 ÷ 12


Does the GBOPHB provide a plan that participants may make contributions?
The General Board of Pension & Health Benefits offers the United Methodist Personal Investment Plan. Plan Sponsors may contact the General Board to request an UMPIP Adoption Agreement.

At what age may I begin withdrawing from UMPIP?
UMPIP allows you to withdraw or borrow money from your Participant Contribution Account if you have an approved financial hardship or to withdraw money from your Participant Contribution Account if you are age 59½ or older.


Who is eligible for the Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP)?
If you are appointed to a Plan Sponsor of CPP, you may be eligible for coverage under the Plan. Your eligibility depends on the rules of the Plan and the elections made by your Plan Sponsor in its Adoption Agreement. Contact your Plan Sponsor or the General Board if you have questions regarding your eligibility under the Plan. The descriptions below are some general rules that govern the Plan.

Generally, the Conference is the Plan Sponsor for elders, deacons and local pastors who are not appointed to extension ministries. Generally, the Salary-Paying Unit is the Plan Sponsor for Clergy.

  • If you are a Bishop, your Plan Sponsor is the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA).
  • If you are Clergyperson who is under an appointment serving a Conference or Conference-Elective Entity, your Plan Sponsor is the Conference.
  • If you are appointed to a general agency, your Plan Sponsor is the general agency to which you are appointed.
  • If you are classified in a category not described above, your Plan Sponsor is your Salary-Paying Unit.

What benefits does CPP provide?
The Comprehensive Protection Plan provides death and disability benefits for clergy that are enrolled in the plan.

What are the death benefit amounts through CPP?