Develop the path for your congregation’s growth, vitality and mission. Pathways discern God’s calling, reverse decline, build on what is going well, and align mission, goals, activities, people and money to be our best for God.

There are five Pathways. Select the one that is best for your congregation at this moment.

  1. Pathway Vitality – assist the congregation to discern God’s calling and develop and achieve a plan in the five core ministries of the congregation – worship, small groups, community engagement, making new disciples and generous giving.
  2. Pathway Community Engagement – for congregations that want to engage more deeply in community ministry, particularly community development, advocacy, housing, humanitarian assistance. This path can also lead to a congregation becoming a Hope Center.
  3. Pathway A Journey of Hope – developing deeper relationships, learning and working to end the sin of racism.
  4. Pathway Sustainability – identifying your congregations ability to financially sustain your congregation’s mission and ministry and take steps today to be sustainable for the long-term future.
  5. Pathway Conflict Resolution – all congregations to some degree have conflict. This pathway assists congregations to resolve conflict.