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Pathways to Discern What God Has Next for Your Congregation

As we emerge from the pandemic, it is important to discern what God has next for your congregation. Pathways offers opportunities that uniquely address your congregation’s needs and circumstances. Pathways offers the following for your congregation.

  • Spiritual discernment and ministry planning that identifies what is a path to be an even more vital sustainable mission congregation over six months.
  • Consultation, problem solving and guidance for 18 months following discernment and planning to assist your congregation as you travel the path you envision for your ministry.
  • Coaching for the lead pastor for 18 months to lead the congregation to accomplish the plan.
  • Assessing your organizational structure and modifying as necessary to a simpler and mission focused model.
  • Leadership training experiences to develop congregational leaders for leading the congregation.

We offer seven Pathways and we in consultation with you discern which is best for your congregation at this time. The seven Pathways include the following.

  1. Being a vital mission congregation for congregations that want to grow deeper, wider and further in one or more of the following areas.
    1. Creating vibrant inviting and inspiring worship that connects with the people in your community.
    2. Growing small group ministry to deep the faith and relationships of the people in your congregation.
    3. Engaging more people in hands on ministry with the people in your community to grow purpose and meaning in the congregation and in people’s lives.
    4. Making and shaping new disciples and inviting new people to your congregation through a discipleship process.
    5. Growing generosity and giving to sustain and grow your mission and ministry.
  2. Develop a sustainability plan for congregations that are in decline both financially and in terms of people.
  3. Becoming a Hope Center or Hope Projects to launch deeper into community ministry to grow your justice and witness ministries.
  4. Reaching younger generations to grow younger and more diverse.
  5. Gracious Conversations – congregations seeking a facilitated conversation with congregations that are wrestling with theological, political, or human sexuality differences within the congregation. Congregations develop covenants within the congregation and with the cabinet about honoring differences and how the congregation will be in ministry together.
  6. Conflict Resolution – a facilitated process for congregations experiencing conflict about direction, mission, leadership, or programing.
  7. A Journey of Hope to end the sin of racism will launch in early 2023 to assist congregations in ending the sin of racism in their congregation and community.

For more information or to explore in engaging in Pathways contact Resource Manager, Megan McKay or complete the information below. We are looking forward to serving you and developing a great future together.