Our Myths are Our Stories. Use Them.

February 1, 2016 | Stewardship | stewardship, Star Wars, The Force

In many ways Star Wars is a metaphor for our times. Like the characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, our tendency is to forget our heritage and to minimize the stories of those who have come before us as myths and fairy tales. Forgetting who we are, where we’ve come, and the stories of faith from our past makes us venerable to fear, uncertainty, powerlessness, and fatalism. In this latest story in the Star Wars saga faith returns as renewed hope, and the power of new possibilities awakens to a new generation as the power of the Force is once again witnessed, experienced, and realized.

The good news for us is that the Holy Spirit is alive and well and not diminished in any way from the faith stories of our past. The same power that healed, cast out demons, raised Jesus from the dead, gave birth to the church, etc. is the same power that desires to transform our lives, impact our ministries, and increase our vitality. So Awaken the Force of the Holy Spirit in your congregation. Awaken the Force of life-changing worship, life-growing small groups, life-giving missions, and life-changing discipleship. When you work on Awakening the Force of life-enriching generosity here are something that will help and may the Force be with you.

  1. Practice what you preach! Make sure your personal giving matches what you’re preaching and teaching.
  2. Practice stewardship and giving as an essential part of your ministry. Personal spiritual growth and church growth come together at the intersection of faith and finances.
  3. Normalize giving in your church. Don’t apologize or make excuses. Address giving head on with a grace and clarity that invites a culture of generosity.
  4. Spread the responsibility of building a generosity culture. Coach staff and lay leadership to ensure that giving and stewardship are an essential part of your ministry.
  5. Highlight giving in your new member process including how to sign up for electronic giving, envelopes, etc.
  6. Celebrate the offering by highlighting generosity. Creatively and passionately help people see the connection between their giving and the lives that are being changed through the ministries of the church.
  7. Don’t shrink the vision to meet the budget. Raise the bar to have the financial resources that match the work God is calling you to as a church.

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