Community Peace Vigil held in Hopewell

Food Insecurity

  • Transform your food pantry to grab and go from the curb.
  • Donate to local food pantries.
  • Create a Feeding Ministry Team.
    • People in need contact church office.
    • Office notifies a team member.
    • Team member takes action by dropping off food at home or arranging for pickup.
    • Turn feeding ministries into meals to go.
    • Create a list of food and supply needs and share with congregation and community.
    • Launch or expand weekend backpack feeding program to feed children throughout the week.
  • Avoid purchasing foods labeled WIC/SNAP unless you are a participant. Also, if possible, avoid grocery shopping the first few days of each month. This is the time when families receive their WIC/SNAP benefits and will allow them to purchase approved items. For more information from the Food and Nutrition Services, CLICK HERE.


  • Distribute hand sanitizer, food items, hygiene items.
  • Contact a local shelter to see what donations are needed.
  • Assist persons who are at risk of homelessness, especially due to the pandemic, with housing related costs (rent, utilities, etc.).
  • Pay for temporary housing (hotel, motel, etc.).
  • Direct persons to a shelter who can identify additional resources or direct shelters to area where many persons are living on the street.
  • Call NJ 211.


  • Deliver food and supplies – drop and go.
  • Call rather than visit them or Skype, Facetime, ZOOM if possible. Click here for resources to get you started.
  • Create a team including children and youth so persons are checked on more frequently during this time.
  • Assist with necessary errands – get the youth and young adults involved!

Give Blood