When we take a step back and look at our lives, we may find ourselves wondering, “Is this really it?” Are we just going through the motions or perhaps worse, living in chaos? This Lenten series explores the actions, habits, and systems that separate us from God and looks to the cross of Jesus to discover that we are called to so much more.

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Ash Wednesday
Sometimes we think we know what God wants from us, but we still find ourselves disconnected from God or stuck in a spiritual rut. The Lenten season is meant for taking a closeup look at our lives and listening with purpose to hear where God is calling us to make change. It is time for a spiritual re-boot.

Week One: Called to Abundant Life
No one is perfect. We all live in a broken world and, like sheep, we have gone astray. Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. We were made for something better – the abundant life made possible in Jesus, the good shepherd who shows us the path to the life we are called to live.

Week Two: Facing the Dark to Reach the Light
To find true healing, we have to face the hard truths. Part of the healing process is realizing that something is broken. This brokenness is the darkness that overshadows our lives. The good news is there’s freedom in the light.

Week 3: You Are Not Your Sin
Sometimes we feel like what we have done is who we are. When we mess up, fall short, do the wrong things, it is not who we are. We are not defined by what we’ve done. We are the children of a loving and forgiving God.

Week 4: There is More
When life gets challenging, we have a choice to either fall back into the sin that is so enticing and easy for us, or to persevere and trust that when we follow Christ, we will live into even more than we have ever imagined.

Week 5: The Gods We Make
Sometimes we allow things in our lives to become more important to us than God, distract us from God, and even come between us and God. These are the gods we make.

Week 6: (Passion/Palm Sunday)
Being part of a crowd can be a powerful experience. The crowds in Jerusalem moved from the joy of Palm Sunday’s “Hosannas” to the jeers of Good Friday’s “Crucify Him!” On this Palm and Passion Sunday, let’s explore how we too can get caught up in the crowd, and ways that we can fix our eyes on Jesus.

Holy Thursday
As the end of Jesus’ earthly life drew near, he gathered his disciples around him and fed them – not just physically, but also spiritually. We’re invited to this special meal too, a meal where Jesus himself meets us and reminds us that because of him, we are forgiven and are always welcome at God’s family dinner.

Good Friday
In the darkest and most painful of moments, nailed to the cross, paying the price for sins he did not commit, Christ showed us love and forgiveness in a manner that humanity had never experienced, a redeeming sacrifice that opened the door for all who would come.

Easter Sunday: Raised to Life
Throughout our lives, we are sure to make mistakes, to do things we regret and to regret not doing other things. The good news of the Gospel is not only that Jesus died so that we might be forgiven, but that he has been raised from the dead! In him, we too are raised from being dead in our old ways, so that we can have new life, full of hope and promise.

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