A Hope Center collaborates with Community residents, leaders and organizations to build on community assets to address human and community, education, social and economic challenges.

Hope Centers connect United Methodists with community residents, school, non profit organizations, businesses, town governments, and other faith groups to feed the hungry, provide high quality childcare and educational enrichment for students, build affordable housing, assist the homeless and offer job training.

What is a Hope Center?

Hope Centers are located within communities and work with local residents to develop long term sustainable transformation.

Hope Centers:

  • Create partnerships with community organizations, schools, churches, community leaders, businesses and elected officials.
  • Connect and increase community resources.
  • Work with under-served populations.
  • Address specific needs to under gird long term change

Hope Centers Throughout Greater New Jersey

Our goal is to partner with local churches to establish 100 Hope Centers throughout Greater New Jersey to link our congregation to mission within their communities.  The following organizations are GNJ Hope Centers to date:

For more information, contact:

  • Tara Maffei

  • Paul Guba Imaging

    Andrea Wren-Hardin