A Future With Hope

A Future With Hope is a nonprofit organization started by United Methodists of Greater New Jersey to oversee the relief, repair, rebuild and renew work left in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.   Its board, made up of community, religious and business leaders from across the State of New Jersey have a long term vision to collaborate with civic and faith based partners who seek to build a future with hope. www.afuturewithhope.org

Our Vision

Hope emerges where residents, businesses, organizations, government, and institutions work together to heal communities

A Future With Hope Case Statement

  • A Future With Hope Case Statement

    A Future With Hope Case Statement

    Superstorm Sandy was the most destructive storm New Jersey has ever experienced. It left 2.7 million New Jerseyans without power, 253,000 households sustained damage and tens of thousands of homes were uninhabitable. Sandy disrupted or discontinued thousands of jobs and impacted tens of thousands of people’s lives. A storm this size calls for many partners working together to bring relief and recovery to New Jerseyans. The United Methodist Church, through its 600 congregations in the Greater New Jersey Conference and its 30,000 churches across the United States, will collaborate with other relief agency partners to rebuild a future with hope. Jeremiah 29:11


  • AFWH Awareness Brochure

    AFWH Awareness Brochure

    Four years after Superstorm Sandy hit our shores, an estimated 4,000 households have not recovered. Download this brochure to find how you can get involved.

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