Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Legislations

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2019-23 Strategic Plan

Why a new strategic plan?

A strategic plan grows health and vitality by assessing realities and setting direction. The plan focuses leadership at all levels of GNJ on a few clear goals and organizes resources and activities to accomplish the goals.  It follows on the work and progress over the past 5 years to apply our learning and grow fruit for our ministry.

Who worked on the new strategic plan?

The GNJ Connectional Table, the body of elected leaders that oversees the strategic direction and alignment of the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey, commissioned a team to coordinate a strategic planning process with the goal of presenting the GNJ 2019-23 Strategic Ministry Plan for approval during the 2018 Annual Conference.

The planning committee was comprised of the following GNJ leaders: Bishop John Schol, Sang Won Doh, Rosa Williams, Robert Dietz, Judy Colorado, Christopher Heckert, Gina Yeske, Waleska Trinidad, Carolyn Pendleton, Clifford L Still, Hector A. Burgos and Carolyn Conover

Starting in August 2017, the planning committee, in collaboration with the Connectional Table:

  • assessed our progress from 2013
  • researched current trends
  • listened to our clergy and congregations as they expressed their dreams for the future
  • reviewed hundreds of surveys and
  • drafted the strategic plan document and legislation.

In all, more than 500 people have participated in the process to date.

Why does the new plan does not call for additional funding?

Additional money is not going to make a difference. The new strategic plan builds on and leverages the work we are currently doing to maximize our desired outcomes. 

Nehemiah Properties

What is the rationale to create Nehemiah Properties?

GNJ’s Board of Trustees identified the need to find solutions for churches who have struggled with the burden of their buildings. Nehemiah Properties will help turn GNJ’s church buildings into financial and mission assets for our congregations. Nehemiah Properties, a separate 501c3 nonprofit, will exist to help  congregations repurpose their most valuable financial resources to expand mission and make disciples to transform the world.

Why do we have relationship statements with Vital Mission Partners?

Vital Mission Partners are affiliated nonprofit corporations that  extend the mission of GNJ.  Having a relationship statement defines the relationship, ensuring that these organizations are aligned with our ministry, mission, values and strategic direction and that GNJ has protections concerning potential legal, insurance or liability issues.  


Will we pay 100% General Church apportionment under the new budget plan?

Yes. Full payment of apportionment is budgeted for 2018.