We Don’t Have Enough Resources For That!

November 16, 2015 | | Worship | Worship, Resources, Ministry

So often in worship ministries we are trapped by the scarcity mindset. It tells us “we can’t __________ because we don’t ____________.”

We can’t reach teenagers because we don’t have enough volunteers.
We can’t have great sermons because we don’t have the time to prepare multimedia slides.
We can’t sound contemporary in worship because we don’t have a guitar player or a great sound system.

Many of us get caught feeling as though we don’t have enough. If we only had… higher quality speakers, a better place for the projector, a new computer, a bigger worship team, wireless microphones… then worship could be really great!

We’re forgetting that God promises to provide everything we need.  The right tools are invaluable for us to be able to worship well, however, we must shift away from our perceived scarcity and see the abundance of what God has provided. In reality, a lack of resources can be a catalyst for creativity. If you’re feeling stuck because of a lack of equipment, people, finances, or whatever else, here are three mental shifts to get things moving again.

  1. God loves and accepts our best, no matter the limitations
    The widow in Mark 12 had a fraction of what the Pharisees contributed to the temple. Yet, she is applauded for giving all she had. Rather than feel like our offering of praise and worship is lacking, let us offer the best of everything we have gratefully. God is faithful. In God there is hope and limitless possibility. As we strive to offer our best, let us keep our eyes open and be creative in ways to bring the best of what we have.
  2. Our limitations force us to depend on God
    With unlimited resources there is no need to think outside the box.  When we look at what we do have, we can be innovative and creative to engage our congregations and communities. Limited resources can be a catalyst to rely on God and minister in new ways.
  3. We are called to worship and live from overflow
    Emptiness in not sustainable. Our ministry, worship and life are designed to come from the overflow of God’s grace, faithfulness, hope and love. If we’re constantly wishing to have more, we’ll never see the abundance of riches and gifts that God has already provided. Time and time again I am reminded that as I focus on God’s abundant presence and gifts in my life, they multiply.

What if we flip the phrase? How will our approach to worship ministry be different is we started saying, “God can ________ because we don’t __________.” ?

2 responses to “We Don’t Have Enough Resources For That!”

  1. Pastor Gina says:

    Thank you for this reminder. This is a very timely message as we are working to complete 2016 Budgets.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Gina! Budgeting is definitely a time where I can get caught in the scarcity mindset. How are we able to reframe the budget as reflecting our values, an avenue to inspire creativity, and reinforce our dependence on God?