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Greater New Jersey increasingly uses video to help share the message of the work and mission of our churches.  Our videos can be found linked to relevant pages throughout the website.  They are also housed in our vimeo pages and can be accessed using this link:  Vimeo Link

Why we use Vimeo:

The two major platforms for online video hosting are YouTube and Vimeo. While YouTube is the more popular platform between the two (and we highly encourage churches to use this platform if it fits well for them), Greater New Jersey uses Vimeo as the platform of choice due to its ability to easily download content.  That means if you want to use one of our videos in your worship service or meeting, you can download it to your computer with ease.

Vimeo Video Download Process*:

1. Open up the vimeo video you would like to download.
2. Scroll down under the video title and click the “Download” button next to the “Share” button.
3. Select the video compression suitable for you. For highest quality and best results, we suggest you select “Original.” If you are working with a system with a lower resolution or need a faster download speed, 720p is a great choice.
4. You are done!

* When it comes to videos to be used in-service or during presentations, we highly recommend that videos be downloaded ahead of time instead of streamed during presentation to avoid technical difficulties.