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The long awaited coming of the Messiah is certainly something to sing about. This series of song-inspired sermons rings in the tradition of Advent with a culmination on Christmas Eve and charge to “Go Tell It” on the last Sunday of the year!

Songs of the Season | Sermon Series

Week 1: Born to Deliver | Isaiah 40:1-5
When all life seems hopeless, mass shootings and hate are on the rise, a voice cries out from the wilderness! As we begin our journey to Christmas, we remember the hope that never ends and that we have a Savior who prepares a way for each and every one of us.

  • Traditional Song: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
  • Advent Candle: Hope

Week 2: Path of Peace | Isaiah 2:2-5
As we walk towards Christmas, part of our journey is to walk in the path of the Lord. In a world that so quickly jumps to vengeance and retribution, this season we will learn to walk in the path of peace.

  • Traditional Song: Blessed Be the God of Israel
  • Advent Candle: Peace

Week 3: Rejoice! Rejoice! | Isaiah 35
On the verge of the collapse of Israel, the prophet cries out with words of joy. One day, we will all be free, Jesus comes to free the captive, provide healing for the broken and sorrow and sighing will fall away and we will sit in the presence of our God. To prepare for Christmas means to work with Jesus for the freedom of all people.

  • Traditional Song Base: O Come, O Come Emmanuel
  • Advent Candle: Joy

Week 4: Lift Up Your Heads | Psalm 24
As we prepare for the birth of a baby, we remember that it leads to Christ on the cross. The psalms teach us that we can walk from feelings of desperation, “My God, My God why have you forsaken me.” To the knowledge of a presence even in the valley of the shadow of death and ultimately to the praising and rejoining of the love of the King of Glory.

  • Traditional Song Base: Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates
  • Advent Candle: Love

Week 5: Light of The World (Christmas Eve/Christmas Day)| Luke 2:1-20
This is it! The night is finally upon us and our four weeks of preparation leads to the birth of Jesus. Just as Jesus is the Light of the World, we are to be that light sent into the world.

  • Traditional Song Base: Jesus the Light of the World
  • Advent Candle: Christ

Week 6: Go Tell It (Sunday after Christmas) | Luke 2:8
Christmas may be over and the holiday week may end in a few short days, yet our role in the world has just begun. Jesus prepares the way; now we are to follow the example of the shepherds to go and tell the entire world the Good News!

  • Traditional Song Base: Go Tell it on the Mountain

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