GNJ is committed to equip and resource local congregations to engage in ministries of mercy and justice that support the immigrant community.

A special task force provides leadership and resources on this issue through the GNJ Board of Church and Society.

Members of the task force include:

  • Rev. Dave Delaney
  • Rev. Tanya Lynn Bennett
  • Rev. Brenda Wheeler Ehlers
  • Rev. Nathan Addo-Nartley
  • Rev. Kay Dubuisson
  • Rev. Henriella Griffin
  • Rev. Rupert Hall
  • Rev. Myungsun Han
  • Yesenia Palomino
  • Rev. Lyssette Perez
  • Rev. Pedro Pillot
  • Rev. Anna Thomas
  • Rev. David Tokpah

General Information

Dreamers/DACA Program (Differed Action for Childhood Arrival)

Resources and Toolkits

Relevant Books and Small Group Resources

Strangers in the Land (eBook) – Based on Old Testament Scholar M. Daniel Carroll R.’s transformative book Christians at the Border, this six-week devotional and study guide provides the reader a daily excerpt from Christians at the Border, a scripture on the same theme, a provocative question, and a prayer along small group resources including a story-based group organizing model, worship suggestions, stimulating discussion questions, and action ideas.

Ministry Partners

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