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Wespath Road to Retirement Webinar

Make sure you have the right map to guide your retirement journey. Clergy eligible to retire in 2023 are encouraged to attend “The Road to Retirement,” our next pre-retirement webinar on Tuesday, November 29. Click here to learn more and register.

You, UMPIP and your future

Please join the Wespath Benefit Educators on Wednesday, December 7 at 1:00 p.m. to learn about the different ways you can take advantage of UMPIP to save for retirement. This 45-minute webinar will include information about the plan and access to your account information. Click here to register.

Clergy Retirement Security Program

Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP) is a retirement program providing lifetime income and account flexibility designed for those who serve as clergy of The United Methodist Church. CRSP replaced theMinisterial Pension Plan (MPP) in 2007.

CRSP consists of both a defined benefit (DB) plan, which provides a monthly benefit at retirement based upon years of credited service to the Church, and a defined contribution (DC) plan, which provides a retirement account balance.

Clergy under Episcopal appointment, serving full-time or part-time at a local church or Conference Responsible Entity are eligible to enroll in CRSP. Enrollment shall begin on the effective date of appointment.  Please note full-time clergy are required to enroll in the plan. Part-time local pastors and members serving less-than-full-time may waive participation only if a Waiver of participation form is submitted to the Conference office.

Retirees Over 65 Health Insurance Information

The United HealthCare Medicare Advantage National PPO Plan is a Medicare Part C plan providing primary medical insurance with prescription coverage. Participation in the plan requires the participant and dependents to have both Medicare Part A and Part B. Enrollment without Parts A and B is not permitted. A Medicare Part D plan is included. Medicare rules do not allow participation in more than one (1) Medicare Advantage Plan or one (1) Medicare Part D Plan. Enrollment in another of these plans will result in complete removal from the Plan through the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey.

This United HealthCare plan is a custom group Medical plan, designed for the Conference. It does not require you to seek the care of a United Healthcare participating doctor for the lowest out-of-pocket expenses. Reimbursement to the provider (100% of Medicare allowed amount) is the same whether the provider is participating or not.

If you experience any difficulty with your doctor accepting the plan, need help finding a doctor, have a claims issues, benefits questions, or would like help researching the cost of a procedure, please contact our participant advocacy service, a service provided through our broker’s office through our DirectPath resource below.

Dental for retirees and part-time at least ½-time

Effective January 1, 2021, The Conference is introducing the Delta Dental Plan in place of Guardian Dental for retirees and half or ¾ time pastors (does not apply to active HealthFlex participant). Delta Dental is not available for current HealthFlex participants.

The United Methodists of Greater New Jersey offers a voluntary dental plan with three options through Delta Dental:

  • DeltaCare (Prepaid DMO) Plan
  • Delta Dental  Preferred (PPO) High Plan
  • Delta Dental Preferred (PPO) Low Plan

Enrollment is available to any retiree, part time pastor, or local church employee working part time, whose salary-paying unit has a bonafide association with the United Methodists of Greater New Jersey, or any church of the United Methodists of Greater New Jersey. Child dependents are eligible for coverage until the end of the month in which they turn 26.

For enrollments and changes, please request an enrollment/change packet from Veronika Varga. Be sure to indicate your plan choice, Pre-Paid DMO, High PPO Plan, or Low PPO Plan on the enrollment form. Identification cards will be sent to the participant by the insurance company upon enrollment.

Enrollment must be completed during the first thirty-one (31) days of initial appointment/employment date. Late applicants (after the initial 31-day “window”) may enroll in the Plan during the annual open enrollment period in November of each year. The effective date for all plans in open enrollment is January 1st. Once you’ve enrolled in a plan you can get more information about your plan, enrollment, claims and other information by going to the www.deltadentalnj.com website.

Dental insurance is a voluntary program and payment is the responsibility of the insured. Dental insurance premium bills are mailed to the insured two weeks prior to the start of each quarter.

  • First quarter: Bill date December 15. Payment due by January 1.
  • Second quarter: Bill date March 15. Payment due by April 1.
  • Third quarter: Bill date June 15. Payment due by July 1.
  • Fourth quarter: Bill date September 15. Payment due by October 1.

Dental Resources

Contact Information

  • Wespath: 1-800-851-2201, dial 1 for help and then press 0
  • EY Financial Planning Services: 1-800-360-2539

Annual Enrollment Resources

For Health and Benefits questions, please contact:

  • Alexa Taylor