I didn’t participate in Social Security. Will this affect my Conference health benefits in retirement?

For Social Security and Medicare eligibility, you must have 40 quarters in SS. Non-participation in SS requires purchase of Medicare coverage at a much higher premium than for those who participate in SS. The current retiree health plan (a Medicare Advantage Plan) requires participants to be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will not allow enrollment without Medicare A & B already in place at the time of enrollment. Those retiring before age 65 and any spouses under 65 are covered in the PPO Plan until they reach age 65.

For the purposes of health insurance in retirement, what is the difference between “years of service” and “years of annuity credit”?

Years of service are the number of years you were serving in ministry as recorded by the Wespath Benefits and Investments. Years of annuity credit are the number of years you were enrolled in a clergy pension plan (CRSP and its predecessors) through Wespath during your years of service. Eligibility is based upon being appointed through this conference for at least the 7 years immediately prior to retirement. Participant premium for health benefits in retirement is calculated on years of annuity credit, not years of service.

Does United HealthCare have a vision plan?

Claims are filed directly to United HealthCare, to the address on the back of your card, not to Spectera, as a number of providers have tried to do.

I’m covered through United HealthCare as a retiree – do I still have WageWorks and Virgin Pulse (HealthMiles)?

No, both programs end with HealthFlex coverage. If you have an HRA account through HealthFlex that still has a balance, it will be converted to a HealthFlex Retiree HRA. Your HealthFlex Retiree HRA will function exactly as your previous HRA, except that you will be allowed to use Retiree HRA funds to pay for your health plan premiums, including medical, pharmacy, dental and vision premiums, as well as Medicare premiums if you are Medicare-eligible. Your HealthFlex Retiree HRA will continue to be administered by WageWorks.

There is no deductible and no co-insurance in the UHC plan, so no new deposits to your HRA will be made after retirement.  The account remains open until the balance reaches “0” and then is closed. You will be asked to spend any small amount left in the account to reduce administration costs to the plan. You can contact WageWorks directly with any issues by calling 800-851-2201; at the 1st prompt press 2; at the 2nd prompt press 4.

Your Virgin Pulse eligibility will end on the last day of the month of your final date of employment. You have 30 days from the date your Virgin Pulse eligibility ends to “spend your PulseCash” through Virgin Pulse; after 30 days your PulseCash balance will be forfeited.

UHC’s wellness plan is SilverSneakers Fitness Program through network fitness centers. If you live 15 miles or more from a SilverSneakers fitness center you may participate in the SilverSneakers Steps Program and select one of four kits that best fits your lifestyle and fitness level – general fitness, strength, walking or yoga.

I need help with a claim, finding a provider, obtaining medication, who should I contact?

Call DirectPath, our UHC retiree participant advocacy partner. 800-640-1898.

Under United HealthCare, how do I fill my prescriptions?

90-day prescriptions can be filled through UHC’s mail-order pharmacy OptumRX, or a 30-day at any participating retail pharmacy (see your UHC Welcome book for participating pharmacies in your area) for a slightly higher copay.

Where can I find benefits, see claims, look for doctors, and order and manage prescriptions for the United HealthCare Medicare Advantage Plan?

Please go to: www.uhcretiree.com. Your Plan: Benefits Highlights

Optum Prescription Mail Order Form and your Welcome Guide which was mailed to you.