A Peer Learning Resource for Developing Turn-Around Spiritual Leaders

PaCE, (which stands for Pursuing Clergy Excellence). is an initiative to facilitate peer learning groups that help shape pastoral identity, imagination and develop leadership excellence. This program supports clergy excellence by building trust, reducing isolation, exploring ideas through shared experiences, providing multiple viewpoints, unlocking creativity and engaging in group in deep conversations.

We believe God’s love heals and transforms lives. God’s love is encountered in disciples of Jesus who passionately share faith, hope and justice in the community. Vital congregations form and shape passionate disciples. We equip spiritual leaders to grow vital congregations and make disciples so that God’s love heals and transforms the world.

PaCE Goals

  • Create a trusting environment to build relationships and reduce isolation
  • Explore ideas with people who share similar life and ministry experience
  • Provide clergy with multiple viewpoints to expand horizons
  • Encourage synergy to empower spiritual formation
  • Unlock creativity and imagination
  • Use “reverse learning” to engage the group in contextual, Spirit-driven, practical, theoretical, and theological discussions

PaCE Testimonies

Rev. Dr. Drew Dyson
Raritan Valley District Superintendent

Rev. Lakesha Groover
Senior Pastor of Covenant United Methodist Church

Rev. Erica Munoz
Senior Pastor of Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Rev. Dale Min
Senior Pastor of Browns Mills United Methodist Church

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