The Nomination Committee communicates with each of the Boards, Agencies and Committees of the Conference to assess their current and continuing leadership needs and then work to recruit gifted people to be elected by the Annual Conference so that the ministries of our connectional church can be effectively carried out and disciples of Jesus Christ are made for the transformation of the world. We communicate and recruit for the ministries of the connectional church.

This committee shepherds conference direction and the effectiveness of its leadership, participating/culminating in a thoughtful nomination process to steer the conference towards its goals.

2020-2021 GNJAC Board/Agency Needs (December 2020)

Agency Initial Need
Council on Youth Ministries 1 Clergy, Chair
Council on Young Adult Ministries 1 Laity
Board of Discipleship 1 Laity
Board of Church and Society 1 Clergy
Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry 1 Laity
Commission on Communications 1 Laity
Commission on Status and Role of Women 1 Clergy Chair, 1 Laity
Commission on Religion and Race 1 Laity
Committee on Disability Concerns 1 Laity
Commission on Equitable Compensation 2 Laity
Committee on Native American Ministries 1 Laity, 1 Clergy
Committee on Hispanic/Latino Ministries 1 Clergy
Board of Pension 1 Clergy
Board of Trustees 1 Laity, 1 Clergy
* A Future with Hope Board of Trustees 3 Laity, 1 Clergy
* Conference Educational Society 6 Laity, 3 Clergy

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