Video blog explores ‘The Power of God’s Grace in You’

July 3, 2023 | | GNJ News

Learn about The Power of God’s Grace in You, in the latest episode of Pastorpiece Theatre, a video blog (vlog) series viewable on YouTube and produced by First United Methodist Church of Westfield, NJ. In the series’ latest episode, the Rev. Alison V. Philip guides the viewer through three scenarios showing the impact and importance of grace, and how God’s gift of grace to us can teach us to offer grace to others.

Philip and her team launched Pastorpiece Theatre during the Covid pandemic to help viewers connect Christian beliefs with our everyday lives through meaningful, entertaining videos. It explores God’s good news and invites us to bring more peace and hope into our lives while positively impacting those around us. The vlog was created to serve people who are curious about religion or who seek spirituality and meaning, but who don’t regularly attend Church.

GNJ has featured Pastorpiece Theatre in past articles. See “A Creative Outlet for Outreach.” You can find all its episodes, including the newest one on FUMC’s vlog page.