The New Discipline: Regional and Global Church

January 17, 2020 | GNJ News

Dear GNJ Leaders,

Today the team that has been working on a new Book of Discipline, The Connection, The Life and Order of The United Methodist Church, releases the final sections of the document. In the regional church (jurisdictional and central conferences) and the global church (the general conference) sections you will read about the following.

  1. The alignment of the church with our doctrine, teachings, Wesleyan Path and Mission.
  2. Greater clarity of the roles and hierarchy of the church, which provides for more contextual decision making and authority in the local church and connectional church (annual conference).
  3. A sustainable apportionment system.
  4. A new method for how the number of bishops are identified for the church.
  5. A judicial system that focuses on helping people stay on the Wesleyan Path and that assists church bodies to accomplish their aims and objectives.

By selecting the link below you will not only find the release of the last section but all of the other portions that have been released.

The Connection: The Life and Order of the United Methodist Church

We thank you for your prayers and input along the way. What the 17 member team is presenting is a draft. We seek your input by attending one of the workshops scheduled for January 16, 17 and 25. You can find out more about these workshops and register here.

In Christ’s Love,

Bethany Amey-Sutton, Chairperson, GNJ Delegation; Drew Dyson, Co-Chairperson, GNJ Delegation; Myrna Bethke, Dean of the Cabinet; Kay Dubuisson, Chairperson, Connectional Table